The Theory Of Truth Determines A True Statement Essay

The Theory Of Truth Determines A True Statement Essay

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A. Justice
B. Definitions
a. Elenchus is a method of questioning someone to test for how genuine and consistent they are in something that was said earlier.
b. Lying is an act of deliberately deceiving or telling false statements with an intention
c. BS is someone who acts like they know what they’re talking about but in reality either doesn’t or does not care
d. Proposition is a statement that expresses a statement that is uncertain. It could be true or false.
e. Correspondence theory of truth determines a true statement by seeing how it relates and corresponds with the world
f. An argument is a discussion where individuals express their diverse sentiments about a topic.
g. Moral skepticism is an ethical theorem that claims that no one has any moral knowledge.
h. Moral Conventionalism is a theory of moral conduct to which the criteria for good and bad are based on general agreement, based on compliance with social norms
i. Unjust Law as defined by King is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.
j. Existentialism is the philosophical theory which states that a set of categories governed by authenticity are necessary to capture human existence.
k. Intrinsic good refers to the moral idea of something that is great, just on the grounds that is.
l. Extrinsic good is something that is good because it will lead to something else that is good too.
m. Theodicy is when God’s existence is possible even during the evil times. It justifies why God permits evil to occur in the world.
C. Answer all of the following questions in one or two paragraphs.
1. According to Cephalus, justice is just but an attempt to the articulation of nothing but the basic hesiodic birth of the idea that justice is a matter of a person living up to t...

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...ich justifies babies suffering. Life for Ivan must especially be rational if he has to appreciate wonders of God and loving Him as an individual should, thus being rebellious as it is not working for him in such a manner (Rorty, 2011).
In my own opinion, the claim or rather assertion by Alyosha is true because just like what Ivan was informed by Alyosha, he has forgotten the only innocent one who died for us all in the cross for our sins to be forgiven .Such a sacrifice by Christ should bring everyone closer to God and not rebel him at all costs because things just do not happen by circumstance and everyone should humble himself or herself before God bearing in mind such a reward of all of our debts being cleared by Christ blood until now. Life must not at all times have to be rational for one to appreciate wonders of God and love Him as expected (Dostoyevsky, 2012).

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