The Theory Of Training Human Cognition Essay

The Theory Of Training Human Cognition Essay

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In Republic, Plato applies his account on the structure of training human cognition to understand justice and further process the personal development through discussion; to counsel towards improved political circumstances. He establishes the ideology that intellectual pursuits are staged based on age and knowledge, therefore clarifying, he describes how justice can only be obtained by the individuals who have conceived and developed their ability to the fullest. According to Plato, the ultimate goal in all of education is the form of good, which particularly means perfect goodness in all forms; thus good is beyond being. As humans we are subjected to learn from concrete existence and physical evidence but the values of abstract concepts are what leads us to transcend or look for the deeper meaning. Only in an ideal society would we not be restricted to opportunities due to faulty upbringing and poor influential support. If behind every concept in the visible world, is an unseeable reality, the idea of achieving the highest level of education is an unrealistic designation for those who live in an imperfect society and strive towards harmonized politics.
As stages of human cognition progress, the capacity of knowledge and understanding of ideas grow to provide a better a model for politics. From the beginning of a young age, the initial acquisition of feelings, behaviors and influences are in relation to shaping our personality and profile our beliefs. With underdeveloped minds we don’t know the differences between right or wrong and similarities or differences. Socrates asks Adeimantus, “Shall we carelessly allow our children to hear any old stories made up by just anyone, then, and to take beliefs into their souls that are, for...

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...his step is one in which most seem to forget the values an individual can obtain in physical training. If the condition of every human soul was healthy based on a physical stand point, the fundamental structure of politics would be certainly more prosperous.
In the republic, the development of self-preservation is followed in a structure that allows individuals to act in harmony with politics. Although our imperfect society impedes our perception and our influences dictate on our mind, we strive to achieve the highest stage of education. In relation to John Stuart Mill, self-cultivation is a stage of education that will put you in a direction one has been before. Plato and Mill both strive to achieve a higher education to make a positive impact on politics. The ability to have your own opinion, allows one to perceive the world as it is from your own perspective.

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