The Theory Of The Green Movement Essay

The Theory Of The Green Movement Essay

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There is a history of the “green movement,” like other political and social movements it is a part of American history. Since the “green movements” roots are from Europe, it did not originate in the United States but we have become a world leader in environmentalism. In the early history it was writers and philosophers that first proposed that wilderness had an intrinsic value beyond ausefulness to humans (Lallanilla, n.d.). While fisheries, hunting grounds and timber stands were important to civilization, visionaries like Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau proposed "in wildness is the preservation of the world" (Lallanilla, n.d.).

Soon after the writers and philosophers interpretation of our natural resources the Industrial Revolution hit. As forests disappeared, coal became popular resulting in horrific air pollution (Lallanilla, n.d.). Consequently there came a growing realization that human industry was obliterating our wilderness and endangering human health (Lallanilla, n.d.). Therefore, at this time the modern environmental movement began. Many politicians added environmental protection to their platforms. Republican Richard Nixon made considerable progress toward incorporating environmental awareness into his administration (Lallanilla, n.d.). He created the EPA and also signed the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, which required environmental impact assessments for all large-scale federal projects (Lallanilla, n.d.).

In 1970 the very first Earth Day was a big success. Since that first Earth Day and the creation of the EPA, the “green movement” and environmental consciousness have become private and public institutions around the world. There have been major environmental legislation p...

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...omestically and internationally. They are dealing with policy creation that not only impacts environmental issues, but also affects foreign trade, global economics, and natural resources (Maron, n.d.). It is easy to see why this would draw attorneys looking for diverse ways to effect positive change. Furthermore, what is known as the "green movement" has opened the door for attorneys to jump into a very exciting sector. There are opportunities at all levels of the government and law schools are adding multiple levels to their teachings of environmental law (Maron, n.d.). Since there will continually be new issues that crop up such as urban sprawl, restructuring our energy sources, and pollution, there will be a greater need for attorneys that are environmentally-minded. It appears the “green movement” has indeed created growth in the environmental area of law.

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