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The Theory Of Stress Management Essay example

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To analyze this event that occurred further, peer-reviewed literature will be examined. I believe the key issue from this event was a lack of control of my emotions. I felt like I froze up and was not able to perform or think clearly because I was not able to put the fear of him dying on me aside which affected patient safety. As a result, I will critically examine the concept of stress management and how it affected my patient’s safety, from my view as a student with knowledge, skills and previous experience.
One of the key factors in this event was stress, which affected my course of actions. With personal previous experience, stress has been a problem before. For example, I felt stressed when I think about having to performing a skill for the first time. I was able to combat this by reviewing the skill quickly prior actually performing the skill. Having the time to review the procedure allowed me to feel less stressed going into the situation. However, being in a situation that is time limited and where a patient is suffering does not give me the time to think clearly. In a study conducted by Buuman, Mank, Beijer & Olff, (2011), they found it was common for nurses to experience traumatic stress when they witness their patient suffering in acute situations and the best way they found to decrease post traumatic stress was to use the active coping. How the individual choses to cope to the situation is an important indicator on how the person will react to the same situation a second time. Lazarus and Folkman’s (1984), the creators of theory of cognitive appraisal, indicated individuals go through primary and secondary appraisals in response to stress which then affect the way they cope. While analyzing the two sources, I believe ...

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...ssible situations and interventions, it helps an individual become prepared and stay calm in situations such as this.
Overall, based on my initial assumptions related to this situation on my course of actions, I found my beliefs and values were evident in this situation. I value respect and honesty. I believe it is important to be honest and to notify someone or to ask for help when you are unaware of what to do. Although, I felt incompetent at the time, I have learned a great deal of things and what I need to work on as a future nurse. As for respect as one of the values I truly believe is important, I believe that was shown when I realize I was not respond independently considering it was my second shift back. I respected the role of my preceptor by letting her guide me on she would handle the situation as preceptor and respected the importance of patient safety.

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