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Theory Of ' Ree ' Essay examples

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Ree is not an escapist but she rather opts to face each and every situation in her life boldly. For instance, she is full of determination and optimism in whatever she does. Although she knows quite well that finding food for her family is actually an uphill task for her, she doesn’t give up. Instead she braces herself for more tough encounters by teaching her younger siblings some survival tactics just in case she might not be around to offer her help. Since her father disappeared, she has learned to perceive life as an optimist and sees hope in every situation. Similarly, despite the hostile kinsmen, she doesn’t give up on finding her father until she is told that Jessup actually died.
Ree has also developed confidence as a survival attribute. Watching the turn of events, it is apparent that the entire Ozarks is full of meth cooks. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that she is attacked on her attempt to seek the intervention of the local crime officer; everyone lives in constant fear of betrayal. However, the young lady is confident enough and doesn’t fear explaining her case to people she believes can be of help (Paludi, 2011). Having been once bitten by the Milton women, she quickly agrees to accompany them to the bond with hope that she will find her father. She has the courage to face the women for the second time even though they beat her in their first meeting.
Unlike her neighbors and kinsmen, Ree has only picked good morals from the society. The coincidence of her uncle’s appearance when she is being roughed and beaten up by the Milton women is not purely accidental; Teardrops had a hand in the whole ordeal. Betrayal is thus evident in Ozarks (Paludi, 2011). However, Ree has learnt to be as truthful as she...

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...looming conspiracy and secrecy in Ozarks, Ree alongside her family could have had a helping hand from the society. Without love and trust, even family relations are shuddered; Ree’s kinsmen do not help her at all but are rather hostile against her. Similarly, there is need to root out crime in society. The fact that Ozarks residents live in constant fear is due to their engagement in crime. Crime has breed suspicion and betrayal and as a result, the societal ties are broken (Woodrell, 2006). If every society member lived according to the law of the land, then instances of assault as against Ree or the death of her father could not have been witnessed in the movie. The entire movie is thus an eye opener into the current society, with emphasis of further strengthening societal ties lest the children in the same society experience the same plight as Ree.


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