The Theory Of Psychology And People Essay

The Theory Of Psychology And People Essay

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There are many different subfields in psychology and people talk most about is the study of crazy people. That can be put into a couple of subfields like personality and social are some of the main areas. There are five big issues that will show up in the general study of psychology the first one is the person and the situation that can affect the outcome of what is happening. Then there is nature over nurture this show how a person grow up and how genetics pushed the person. Stability and change is how some one’s personality can change over time or stay the same. The next issues are diversity and universality this is the defenses/similarities that are between people. The last of the five big issues is the mind and body connection this just shows how the mind can influence the body and vice versa.
The person and the situation sounds like a TV show but it is the study of how the person behaves handles the environment around them and how the environment can change the person. This just means the background of the person, what they like, dislike, what food is good for them. This area is most important because it show how internal processes work when you are mad or sad at someone. There is also factors like the people you are with and who can be helpful. One example would be if you got move to a new place at work and you were mad at being moved to the new area. When you got to the new area you realized that all of the people there helped you out and made you like the new work area.
Nature or nature has the most talked about area about the five big issues the reason why is because psychologies think that there is a combination of both of how you were raised and what genetic makeup has to play in your personality as you grow up. I a...

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...ts and feeling can affect our physical body and movement. One example would be if you did not want to go to school tomorrow so you start think that you are sick and by the time you wake up in the morning you might actually be sick.
Those are the five big issues that are in the field of psychology. They are person and the situation which means the personality of the person and how it can change by who is around the person. There is nature and nurture which is the traits on how you are raised and what comes genetically. Then there is stability and change this are traits that can stick around with you or if you push hard enough you can suppress this traits. There is also diversity and universality which is the differences and similarities between people. The last one is the mind-body connection which shows us how the mind and body are more one then two separate pieces.

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