The Theory Of Psychology And Individual Psychology Essays

The Theory Of Psychology And Individual Psychology Essays

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Philosophical Analysis Paper
Without much debate, the field of psychology has continued to evolve as psychological schools of thought work hard to provide structure and guidance for successful treatment in the clinical setting. However, which schools of thought best capture the human experience? Furthermore, how are these psychological perspectives navigated through the philosophical framework? For example, cognitive psychology has heavily influenced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by providing a valuable framework for human behavior by detecting the faulty thought processing that allows the clients to discover the necessary coping skills to address their issues. On the other hand, individual psychology (IP) has also established significant theories that have made many contributions to contemporary psychology. Therefore, it is important to critically discuss the contributions of cognitive psychology and individual psychology in order to better understand their relationship to philosophical perspectives.
The first set of philosophical terms that should be discussed is ontology and epistemology. The ontological perspective refers to the nature of being and to what actually is thought to exist whereas the epistemological approach is theory of knowledge and how human beings come to understanding the world through their sensations (Leahey, 2012). These philosophical terms are an accurate approach towards both cognitive and individual schools of thought because each perspective is grounded in concepts of existence and how an individual views the world and creates meaning out of their experiences. To better understand this idea, it is important to have a brief discussion on two theoretical concepts of existence in cognitive and indi...

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...chools of thought continue to provide structure and guidance for successful treatment in the clinical setting. Throughout this analysis, it was the goal to broadly discuss the cognitive and individual psychology schools of thought in order to better understand their foundations from the viewpoints of ontology, epistemology, the mind and consciousness, the perspective on the self, and health. Furthermore, a discussion of my personal viewpoints has been discussed in regards to two philosophical viewpoints that have guided my training in therapy as well as neuropsychology. Although it is difficult to answer which school of thought can best explain the human experience, it is important to remember that each perspective has been rooted in philosophical traditions that have put forth great effort into understanding the nature of knowledge, existence, and reasoning.

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