The Theory Of Psychological Flexibility Essay

The Theory Of Psychological Flexibility Essay

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Throughout this semester, we have been challenged with looking at theory from a critical perspective. We began this semester with the guidelines laid out by Brookfield in how to utilize different lenses to dig deeper and form higher level thinking questions when reading theory. I know that throughout the semester, my own preconceived notions and ideas have been challenged and it is through the conversations with my classmates that have allowed me to see more sides of an issue. The idea of psychological flexibility certainly applies to the journey taken during this course. If I were inflexible in my thought processes, I would not have gained as much knowledge and insight as I have.

Psychological flexibility is contacting the present moment fully as a conscious, historical human being and, based on what the situation affords, changing or persisting in ideas and behavior in the service of chosen values.

Contacting the present moment fully,
I take every class very seriously and this course was no exception. I strive to do my best work in the written assignments and in the class discussions. I believe the discussions are vital to fully comprehending the materials and in formulating opinions. My classmates were very helpful in seeing ideas in a new and fresh way. I must say the most engaged conversations, those with Jim & Megan, were the most helpful. Xu & Anne brought in some very interesting viewpoints from outside the confines of the United States. I did find this group to be one of the least engaged groups that I have encountered. Conversations were brief and often one simple post was made after we had moved onto the next week’s readings. I believe your input in the second half of the semester helped the conversations along and f...

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...Brookfield’s, will enable me to help my students become more critical thinkers.
In the service of chosen values.
I have always held innovation and thinking outside of the box as core values to my teaching. I try to put new spins on lessons so my classes were not the classes were banking education was prevalent. I wanted my students to have experiences not just learn facts. By re-reading The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, it reinforced the importance of allowing students to have experiences to aid them in understanding new information and in seeing themselves within a new parallel. I will strive to maintain that the teacher is no longer just the one who teaches, but through dialogue with my students, I can also be taught. If there is one phrase to sum up my experience this semester it is to always look at all sides of a situation…things are not always what they appear.

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