Theory Of Personality Paper Gordon Allport

Theory Of Personality Paper Gordon Allport

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Theory of Personality Paper
Gordon Allport, a man who is renowned in history for revolutionizing the psychological field of study builds on a very assorted background. Allport enters the psychological field of study at a very young age and pursues his degree in the field that develops further. The life of such a man is one of epic proportions going from a child who was one out of four siblings to a founder of a psychological field. Throughout his life Allport has had to overcome several hurdles which are highlighted through his journey as the inspiration, development, psychological breakthrough and the lasting effects that he has made in history. All of which have crafted and developed Allport and his perceptions of the world into what they are which converted into the Psychological field that is Gordo Allport.
Allport took his inspiration for the field of psychology at a very young age where he was the youngest sibling of four. Allport senior was a heavy influence on his son’s psychological outlook through the strong work ethic he instilled in him due to his practices as a doctor. Throughout most of his adolescence Allport was on top of everything and even gained a scholarship to Harvard after graduating second in his class. Upon arriving in Harvard Allport pursued a degree in philosophy where he worked diligently on for the four years of college. After attaining the degree and teaching on the topic for a year Allport went back to Harvard to pursue his PhD in psychology. Sigmund Freud is a noted inspiration that pushed Allport forward in pursuing the field of psychology in the theories of the human mind. Allport met Freud and began to discuss the depth of psychology with him using examples of a boy who is afraid of getting...

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...evolutionizing the psychological world. Starting from the rough experience of his childhood, the constraints of his family, and the inspiration that pushed him forward to pursue his goals Allport truly traversed rough times. All of which lead Allport to meet the most significant man in his life who changed his viewpoints and lead him to go on to found his own ideals of personality psychology. Diverging on his findings and polishing his ideals Allport began his rise in the psychological field spreading his teachings along the way. All of which culminated into the psychological breakthrough which assimilated all his findings and ideals into him revolutionizing the field. The teaching of this man leading all the way up to his death and beyond into a new generation is embedded into the history of psychology and are part of what made Gordon Allport great.

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