Essay about The Theory Of Motivation By Adam Maslow

Essay about The Theory Of Motivation By Adam Maslow

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This essay explores motivation. The essay talks about several different theories. The first is Humanistic Theory of motivation by Adam Maslow. This theory talks about a pyramid which consist of the typical human needs and the order in which humans are going to attempt to do them. The second one is the Arousal Theory. This is how people are motivated to maintain an ideal balance of arousal and how the body will adjust to being over or under aroused. The next theory is the Instinctive Theory. I talk about Darwin and how he compares the instincts of animals to humans. The next is Incentive Theory which is the motivation of doing something to receive something after you are done. The next Theory is the Expectancy Theory which was created by Victor Vroom. Vroom that the behavior outcomes from coherent choices among alternatives whose purpose is to get the maximum pleasure and the least amount of pain. He has three main point which are Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence. The final theory is the Drive Reduction Theory. This is the process where the subject has become used to an emotional state after pressure. Humans are driven by the basic biological need which include food, water and shelter.
In today’s society there are several factors that play into human motivation. Throughout time, some believe that motivation has altered. However others believe as humans evolved the motivation contorted to fit the changing society. There are several theories pertaining to the different forms of motivation consisting of Instinct Theory, Incentive Theory, Drive Theory, Arousal Theory, Humanistic Theory, and Expectancy Theory.
A common theory of motivation is the humanistic theory. This theory was made popular by Adam Maslow. Maslow pres...

... middle of paper ...

...dividual feels they make with the outcome.
The Drive Reduction Theory is the process in which the subject has become used to an emotional state after pressure. Humans are driven by the basic biological needs. This includes food water and shelter. A homeostasis state is an idea that you need a drive to have eternal balance. We are driven by the ends of our brain which include food and sleep. The needs that come next are the ones learned about once we are in our society. This would include money and a good occupation. Sometimes, however, the motivations are looked upon as a more complex factor. This would include reckless behavior for fun/adrenaline. Once you indulge yourself so much of something you will then consider it normal which will later lead to the thought of unbalance. This is due to the dependency of this drug. It changes the state of normal psychology.

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