Theory Of International Relations And Foreign Policy Essay

Theory Of International Relations And Foreign Policy Essay

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What is theory? Theories are statements that explain facts, events, laws, etc. Theories are invented to provide an explanation for a bounded realm of reality. Its assumptions are neither true nor false, but are judged on the theories explanatory power. Theories of international relations provides an abstract context upon which international relations can be studied. They are a means of answering the big question in international relations and foreign policy: Why do states behave the way they do in the international system? In Statecraft, we got to theoretically experience how the international world functions on a small scale. Two of the theories we learnt in class include realism and liberalism.
There are three different types of realism; Classical realism, neo-realism, and neo-classical realism. Classical realism is a theory that explains international politics as a result of human nature. The theory claims that states will do anything and everything to survive because people are greedy, aggressive and insecure. The theory operates on the assumption that states are unitary actors, rational actors and interested in bettering “national interest”. The theory claims that states want to increase their power and decrease the power of their competitors; and every decision a state makes is in regards of increasing their dominance. It holds that states maintain peace by maintaining a stable balance of power. For an example, the cold war between the US and the USSR. The arms race is a perfect example of states balancing power. Like the theory claims, both states were aware of each other’s power and became rivals but they never went to war because they were basically equal in power. This theory could be seen in statecraft. People were ver...

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..., the theory is idealistic exactly like in our simulation and Dylan attacked.
Another branch off liberalism is Neo-liberalism. This theory concentrates more on a system level of how states work. It focuses on how international organizations like the United Nations could influence the behaviour of states by preaching values or creating rules to abide by. This theory in real life is not very practical. As history has shown us, organizations like the United Nations have not been very effective in influencing the behaviour of states; take for an example the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. In Statecraft, though we were all part of the United Nations in the beginning, the United Nations had very little influence in our Statecraft simulation and our decisions. We ended up removing ourselves from the United Nations because our citizens were not happy with our participation in it.

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