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The Theory Of Human Reason Essay

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To know thyself, an individual must act within the capacities of his own actions in order to discover truths about himself and live with purpose. Greek thinkers believe to know thyself an individual must use live the examined life by using reason and inquiry in order to analyze their own actions. Judeo-Christians, on the other hand, believe that a call to know thyself is only possible through Faith. The Greek use of human reason provides the best understanding to know thyself because it emphasizes the use of an individual’s own capacity to find the mean between characteristics, act out of habit, and come to know the truths of life.
The Greek’s use of human reason provides a better understanding to know thyself because it focuses on the use of an individual’s own capabilities to evaluate characteristics rather than using an outside source. (why virtue) In order to attain virtues, an individual must learn to identify where they fall on the spectrum of a certain characteristic and then “avoid excess and defect, but seek the intermediate,” (30 Nicomachean Ethics). The process required in order to find the mean is a crucial part for an individual to come to know thyself. As an individual identifies whether they are naturally inclined to either an excess or deficiency of a characteristic, they better understand who they are as a person. Furthermore, as an individuals begin to adjust their behavior in search of the intermediate, they obtain a more in depth perception of themselves because they learn how to adjust and adapt the way they act. This personal deliberation encourages individuals to attain better understandings of their own characteristics, allowing them to truly get to know themselves. In comparison, the Judeo-Christian think...

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...ty to find the mean of characteristics, act out of habit, and come to know the truths of life. An individual who uses human reason learns to develop the ability to understand his characteristics and apply that understanding for future use, unlike someone who is enlightened from the outside. Human inquiry necessitates that individuals act out of habituation, to better understand their own actions and create a consistency they can rely on; this consistency is lacking in the practice of Faith. Both Faith and human inquiry can result in the discovery of truths, yet human inquiry provides a method that is significantly more sustainable throughout an individual’s lifetime. Although Faith can provide individuals with many benefits, it fails to bring the best understanding of the call to know thyself, as the Greek practice of human inquiry is much more efficient and reliable.

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