The Theory Of Critical Thinking Essay

The Theory Of Critical Thinking Essay

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1. [Purpose] What is the purpose of this piece of writing? Is it clear?

Our actions are a reflection of our behavior and our behavior is a reflection of our thought process. Hence thinking is very important in building ones personality and his/her reflexes on the society. We all think, all the time. But most of the thinking is undeveloped or only on a surface level. We take a thought process for granted which may deprive us from the improvement. Taking “thinking” for granted, deprive one from the improvement.

This piece of writing (hereinafter referred as the essay) gives the insight of the development of thinking, a critical thinking. It intends to give the knowledge on skills of critical thinking.

It clearly gives the idea of almost all aspects of critical thinking skills, habit of mind, skill & disposition on the basis of research based findings. The columnar format of the essay enables faster reading and reviewing the text. Sections, sub-sections and their headings navigate flawlessly. The special pop-up boxes provide addition information about the subject.

Overall this essay engraves the importance of critical thinking in our personal and social life.

2. [Ideas] What ideas and background information are provided to support the purpose of this piece of writing?
The essay provides in-depth information to understand the skill of critical thinking and its usage in our life. The following ideas are given to understand the subject:
1. Core Critical skills: cognitive skills (interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation and self-regulation) and dispositions
2. Critical thinkers: Strong & week critical thinkers, their approach on various issues, questions or problems.
3. O...

... middle of paper ...

... mentioning importance of critical thinking, two supportive thinking types viz. Spiritual (not religious) & ethical thinking, could have been stated in the essay. The person’s conscious mind may be a strong critical thinker at the same time sub-conscious mind may be a week critical thinker. There can be a battle within the mindset of a person. Who wins the battle decide the character of that person. Hence according to me spiritual thinking, ethical thinking is also as important as critical thinking. Essay discusses about the importance of critical thinking in society and how the society will collapse due to failed judicial and economic system, if critical thinking is not valued. Taking the same string forward I would like to add that critical thinking should be based on spiritual and ethical thinking to make a person “a Positive & Strong Critical Thinker”.

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