Essay on The Theory Of Adolescent Use Alcohol Abuse

Essay on The Theory Of Adolescent Use Alcohol Abuse

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Description of Theory
The theoretical base hypotheses of this investigation were clearly states, “(1) intention to use alcohol will predict alcohol use, frequency of use and alcohol misuse among adolescents; (2) attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control will account for intention to use alcohol; and (3) the TPB will be more effective in accounting for and predicting intention to use alcohol among young adolescents than the theory of reasoned action” (Marcoux, 1997). The theory on adolescent use of alcohol is to also provide measureable variables to successfully predict drug and alcohol use in high school and college aged students.
The authors appears to effectively address the study’s focal point of analyzing the different psychosocial factors which are incorporated in health-related behaviors, to give possible reasons of alcohol use among adolescents. The authors’ theories have a well-balanced and detailed description with the incorporation of the behaviors of social significance. Such as “the TRA, intention is viewed as a function of two other determinants” and the subjective norms which is the social influence of the adolescents’ beliefs, such as their family members, friends, and school mates (Marcoux, 1997). The most influential theory for predicting use and misuse behavior of consuming alcohol, TPB, discourses the difficulty of incomplete volitional control. Ajzen 's TRA and the TPB both have impending significance in predicting and explaining the use and misuse of alcohol among adolescents.
To obtain data for this study, the research was conducted as a project assessing the possible efficiency of a school-based substance abuse prevention program. The data were first collected in March and May...

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...dition, the research exhibits the external factors, such as peer pressure, and the normative beliefs from family members are more useful in the prediction of intention to use alcohol than the possible internal factors, like attitudes. Normative beliefs continues to be an enormous impact on the prejudgments to use alcohol for adolescents.

The research appears to support all of the hypotheses about the intension to use and misuse alcohol among young adolescents. The research was bias as 51% of the adolescents were white boys. The subjects should have had a disparity in ethnicity and gender to give a more detailed result on the consumption of alcohol among adolescents. Even though there was a limitation of the research, it was in informative research which shows the statistics of alcohol use among young adolescents and what factors influence them.

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