Essay on The Theory Of A Physician Assistant

Essay on The Theory Of A Physician Assistant

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The concept of PAs arose in the 1960s however throughout the early twentieth century doctors commonly had assistants. For centuries, people without medical school training and who were not fully trained doctors, were essential to the provision of healthcare. During the 1930s a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, by the name of George Crile, had one of the earliest examples of a Physician Assistant. This associate, an informally trained surgical and urology specialist, came to be nicknamed the “world’s first PA”(hooker 18). Furthermore, this assistant became the prototype for today’s urology PA. Another model for the Physician Assistant today went by the name of Vivian Thomas. For years Vivian worked at the right hand of Hopkins surgeon, Alfred Blalock. Not only did Vivian help to prefect and develop operative techniques, he also assisted in the training some of what came to be known as world-class cardiovascular surgeons. Before this, medical tasks that individuals like these performed, perfected and taught were exclusively a doctor’s scope of practice. Although these assistants had no formal medical training, they were essential to the delivery of healthcare during these years. Processors like these helped to pave way for what we know today as the Physician Assistant.
As the ending of the war in Southeast Asia approached in the late 1960s military personnel were retuning home with vast medical knowledge. Trauma medicine along with generalized military medical care had impressively improved with the use of trained medical care teams on the battlefields. (Hooker 28) Physicians, medics and nurses were coming back to the states with hands on training in the field along with invaluable medical knowledge. In 1961 Charles Hudson, presi...

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... individuals have only entry-level training and knowledge when in fact they go above and beyond simply assisting physicians. Although some think of the name as patronizing it is not guaranteed that changing the name would fix that. With time comes understanding and understanding comes from education. It should not matter what PAs are called just that they do their job with respect and integrity.
With what begun as shortages of doctors has ended with a new and respected medical profession. Over the last few decades the PA profession has grown at a remarkable rate and filled a very important niche. Regardless of the name or the rocky start to it all, the role physician assistants’ play in the healthcare field today is invaluable. No one person or program can take full responsibility for the successes of this movement however each were essential to today’s modern PA.

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