The Theory : Existentialism I Have Freedom Essay

The Theory : Existentialism I Have Freedom Essay

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Adjustment Bureau
Maya Roberts
Theory: Existentialism I have freedom.
Philosopher(s): Sartre and Kierkegaard
Definition: A reaction to the idea that an objective knowledge of the human can be attained by applying the scientific method of sociology and psychology. We are our own choices, we have freedom.
Character and Title of film: David and Elise, Adjustment Bureau
David said to his audience that we have freedom, our “future is about your choices, not theirs”. We see existentialism giving him, and us, freedom to make our own choices; just as Sartre believed, we are on our own. David had freedom to see Elise with chance (should it be by chance?). The Adjustment Bureau tried to stop him by making sure somebody got him (what do you mean by got him?), but it did not work and in the end David and Elise got their way and were able to be together. Elise was set to marry Adrian, but she ran off with David because she trusted him. Elise had the freedom to love and marry whomever she wanted to. She was engaged to Adrian, but then she met David and she felt the need to be with him, so she made the choice to break up with Adrian and stay alone until she got together with David. This shows that Elise was in control of her choices. While David was reluctant to get his brain wiped, but he knew that true love would be worth the risk in the end. As Kierkegaard said, it is about the “leap of faith”. This applies to David since he was in charge of his plan, and eventually the Adjustment Bureau reached their ripple limit; so David and Elise truly had freedom to be together. In addition, David ran into the restaurant to ask for the address of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Sartre believed that we are all on our own and there are “no absolutes”; ...

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...cuss the idea with David and give David his points, it was just not the right thing for the Adjustment Bureau’s plan, and so his mind had to be altered. Thompson stated that “You have free will over which toothpaste you use … Humanity isn’t mature enough to control the impact of important things.” This shows that every idea we have, gives us free will, but some ideas are too important that we have to seek outside sources for guidance, such as the Adjustment Bureau needing to step in to guide us on the right path. The Adjustment Bureau told David his and Elise’s fate if they stayed together. David’s freedom of actions determined what their future would be if he did not become president and if Elise did not become a professional dancer. They chose their fate by knowing what lies ahead and hopefully reached their full potential, thus proving the Adjustment Bureau wrong.

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