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The theory behind multiple intelligence is that people display intelligence across a broad spectrum of areas: these areas are also completly independent of each other. (Grison, Sarah, Todd F. Heatherton, and Michael S. Gazzaniga. "Chapter 8." Psychology in Your Life. New York: W.W.Norton &,inc, 2015. 289+. Print.) It was proposed by Psycologist Howard Gardner of Harvard university. He was oppossed to the theory of general intelligence which states that if you do well in one field, such as math, you will do well in anouther: like English or Science. When testing for intelligence, general intelligence models will rely on a high score in one feild to determine a persons overall intelligence. While Multiple intelligence will test a person over a wide variety of of skills to determine what they are good at and what they are weak in. For example, a person may be musically inclined but lake aptitude for visualization and abstract thinking. A person could strugle with reading and writing then turn around and be incredible in Algebra. People who favor the theory of Multiple intelligence have discovered nine differnt types of intelligence. There is Naturalist Intelligence, Musical Intelligence,Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Existential Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, and Spatial Intelligence. (Gardner, Howard. "The Nine Types of Intelligence." The Nine Types of Intelligence. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2015.)
Naturalist intelligence is described as anyone who is good with plants and animals. These people can make complex distintions between differnt types of animals and can grow just about anything at will. These people will ussally become f...

... middle of paper ...

...otional level, identify personal motivations, and use these to dictate ones own life. These people can do most jobs with few restrictions and with little difficulty.
Spatial Intelligence typically is displayed in the abillity to think in three dimensions. People with this gift are typically artistic, have an active imagination, and can create acurate mental images of things. This translates well to arciteture, artistry, and refined pilot skills.
All in all everybody has an aptitued for most of these skills; ussally displaying dominance in three to four areas and difienceis in the rest. However in order to determine someones full potetial you have to test them all areas and use this to help them grow and develope properly. Success in peoples developement thrue this theory is why it has grown so popular and why it is commonly used to measure intelligence to this day.

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