Essay on The Theory As My Guiding Theory

Essay on The Theory As My Guiding Theory

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Throughout the process of this class we have covered many theoretical perspectives. Within each theory there were aspects that I agreed and disagreed on. However, after reviewing the theories in the book and engaging in some introspection and self-exploration, I have chosen Adlerian theory as my guiding theory. This theory fits well with my personality and is consistent with my beliefs about human nature, personality development, the change process, the focus of the session and the qualities a counselor should have.
When it comes to human nature, Adler could have been called a soft determinist. He did not deny the contribution of genetics and its ability to impose some limitations on individuals. However, ultimately he believed that its what you do with or how you use those limitations that matter the most. Adler emphatically believed a person’s social environment is responsible for personality development. Fall, Holden, & Marquis (2010) described it as individuals being born into a society that molds the development of the individual’s personality, or “style of life”, that society being the child’s family. Experiences from my own life support this theoretical view on the environment and genetics. A primary example would regard my addiction. Addiction runs in my family, however it was the use of drugs within my home that initiated my drug and alcohol use. Furthermore, although I was born to addicted parents, as well as in an addiction saturated environment, it was ultimately my decision to use the disadvantages I encountered to better myself later in life that defined my style if life.
Adler believed that change occurs when an individual is able to identify and understand their style of life, particularly the mistaken ...

... middle of paper ...

...g internal consistency. Although I felt confident that Adlerian theory is a good fit for me, I have more self-exploration and introspection to do before I conclusively identify my guiding theory of counseling. Throughout the process of writing this paper I have learned both about the theory and myself. In my own life I often will internally debate a decision, personal or academic, until the reasoning is no longer clear. With this assignment I chose to go with my initial draw to Adlerian theory before I could second-guess my decision. As I was revisiting the theory to construct his paper, I was aware this was the correct theory for me and it aligned well with my personality, as I had initially thought. I learned more about the theory than I did in the beginning of the term and learned to trust my intuition, which is something I will need to do as a counselor.

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