Theory Application Paper : Ruth 's Issues From The View Of Existential Theory, And Psychoanalytic Theory

Theory Application Paper : Ruth 's Issues From The View Of Existential Theory, And Psychoanalytic Theory

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Theory Application Paper
Ruth’s comes to therapy with presenting problems of sleep disturbances, anxiety, dizziness, heart palpitations, and headaches. At times Ruth has to push herself to leave the house. Ruth complains that she cries easily over simple matters, often feels depressed, and has a weight problem. Ruth is a 39-year-old homemaker, wife, and a mother of four children. Ruth say she live for everyone else but herself. Ruth believes she is a good wife and mother, but describes herself as fearful and insecure about her future. Ruth feels her life is uneventful and predictable. She feels that time has pasted so fast and she wonders what have she done with her life thus far.
Description of the theoretical constructs you note as being in play in the client’s life, including how they apply to your conceptualization of your clients and his/her presenting issue(s) or problem(s).
This section of the paper will address Ruth’s issues from the view of existential theory, and psychoanalytic theory. At the age of 30 Ruth left a strong fundamentalist church where her father was the minster. Growing up as the oldest child of four children Ruth really didn’t have a good relationship with her father. He was fundamentalist minters, and like herself her mother was a housewife. Ruth father was an authoritarian, and rigid Ruth really did not have a relationship with her father. She describes her father as controlling, and fearful. She describes her mother as support wife, but toward her she was very critical. Ruth say as a child she felt like she was never good enough for her parents and constantly sought their approval. When Ruth decided as an adult to leave a church that she was strongly tied to she created a rift in the family. Ruth no...

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... that do not work have been examined. Now it is time for action. Ruth and her counselor will develop a plan that she can follow when she feels that she is veering off track. New goals can be set and Ruth can now see what her possibilities in life are.
The counselor was able to help Ruth with her emotional and behavior issues. Due to Ruth coming to therapy she can now identify and treat her problem successfully us Adlerian therapy. The goals set forth at the beginning of the therapeutic relationship were taken from her initial presentation, and using the techniques (early memories, interviews, reeducation) that are typical of Adlerian therapy, the counselor was able to show how treatment with this model could be successful for Ruth’s case. While there is still more work to be done the counselor feels that Adlerian therapy would be a good match for Ruth.

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