Essay about The Theory And Model Of The Doctor

Essay about The Theory And Model Of The Doctor

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There is a Dr. Who episode that seems to fit perfectly into the era III concept and model. There are several episodes of buildup where the Doctor, who is able to age almost infinitely and regenerate if killed, has been captured, aged, and rendered helpless by a nemesis called The Master. For a year The Master dominates and subjugates the people of Earth. A companion of the Doctor, Martha, manages to escape and travel the earth, looking for a special combination of chemicals for a special weapon to bring down The Master. After a year of travel, and telling others the story of The Doctor and how he has saved the world on numerous occasions, she is captured. Just as multiple missiles are about to destroy Earth Martha reveals her true intentions. Previously, The Master had established a neural network link connecting all people for control, and The Doctor, in the year, was able to tap into that network. Martha told all of the people she encountered that at a precise time to shout out “The Doctor”. When they did, all over the world, the neural network would divert all their thoughts into one singular power. This power not only brought The Doctor back to full life energy but improved it temporarily. This reminds me of the core of the era III healing mode; the connected consciousness that flows through all as one embodiment of self. Era III healing has not been without challenges.
To clarify, era III healing challenges conventional medicine because it relies so heavily on just “being” instead of doing. Conventional medicine’s cornerstone is taking active actions toward something, mainly a germ, virus, or disease. Conventional medicine intends on actively treating a germ, virus, or disease with something that will eradicate the cause, and...

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...e more evidence, antidotal and repeatable results, for conventional practitioners to become more open to the change. Our healthcare system would have to become a system and not an amalgamation of parts looking for a finical payoff. Era III would make doctors would have to slow down, and get in tune with their patients so that the rhythms of their health would be felt, so that intuition would begin to vibrate naturally. I feel if era III healing became a key component we would see holistic and preventative options being explored. Correspondingly, we would see insurance covering chiropractic, Reiki, yoga, and meditation. Insurance would lower premiums for those who engage in these activities. Doctors would become like a combination of Native American shaman and medicinal practitioners. Healthcare would truly become a collection of minds reaching for the care of health.

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