The Theory And Concepts Of Organizational Behavior Essay

The Theory And Concepts Of Organizational Behavior Essay

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The theories and concepts of organizational behavior can be applied to many work situations, to show this clips were taken from a variety of work settings. The first clip is a comedy sketch called The Expert and is a classic corporate office setting. In The Expert, different professional backgrounds create a heterogenous group, causing ineffective communication and problem solving. The second clip is from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness, it represents a military setting and shows how a leader or manager’s lack of consideration for his employees, and only considering their own needs, jeopardizes the efficiency and effectiveness of a work group. Not only is the group not ass effective, but one member quits. The final clip from the tv show House M.D. portrays the working relationship and hierarchy between doctors at a hospital. This clip shows group brainstorming, effects of referent power and what happens when that power diminishes, and change at work. The further analysis of each clip below shows altogether that no matter the work setting, the theories of organizational behavior apply.
In our first video, the short comedy clip called The Expert, a company has a new strategic initiative to increase market penetration, to maximize brand loyalty and to enhance intangible assets. In pursuit of that objective, the company started a project that requires seven red lines all of them strictly perpendicular some with green ink and some with transparent ink. The team is comprised of two chairmen, a project manager, an expert in all matters related to drawing lines, and a design specialist (Clip reference). According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn (pge 184), there are potential advantages and disadvantages of group decision making. One o...

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...xplain that this distortion typically occurs when managers assume the needs they have are also felt by their subordinates (Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, 2008 page 89). This seemed to be the case in the House, M.D. episode. Dr. House had a strong need to diagnose the patient, no matter the cost or the risk. His team did not have this same need. They felt a need to serve their patient and to do what is in the best interest for his health. Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn (2008) tell us that this distortion can be controlled through high self-awareness and empathy (page 89). In other words, this distortion is corrected when one puts themselves in another’s shoes. If Dr. House had understood and cared about the needs of his team, then perhaps he would be less likely to project his needs onto them, forcing them to do tests and procedures they were not inclined to perform.

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