Theory And Concepts Of Fellowship And Leadership Essay

Theory And Concepts Of Fellowship And Leadership Essay

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In the preface followership the author Tom Atchison States the reason there has to be a dynamic followership and Leadership role it 's not that there 's a lack of effective leadership in healthcare is that the current worsening issues are the morel and the Staffing shortages which result in a toxic work environment and how do you have your followers overcome that.

Followers of an organization make the organization run without the followers there 's nobody doing the tasks necessary to keep an organization moving

In followership there needs to be a leader that inspires and bonds followers together as a unit moving in One Direction News Leader has to be more than someone that was placed in a position of authority and a person with a title and a higher salary level and what separates a liter and a titled leader is behaviors and attitudes of their followers (T.Atchison).
One of the clearest ways to do a comparison on the theories and concepts of fellowship and Leadership would be to clearly define what the two roles are from the readings of this class. Is John Gardner said this is merely a Herculean task, "for nearly four decades of objective research have not produced dramatically clear answers to these questions but they have yielded improved understanding of a set and very complicated relationship (J.Gardner, p.25)."

Leaders: leaders are there to inspire and motivate during unpredictable and constant pressures, by enhancing quality and spirit of the followers who provide care for people who are in need. It is a Art, Science and pratice that is ever evolving to meet the needs of changing purpose and demand of crisis and prosperity with integrity while being result driven.

Followers: a non-submissive influencer who have devotion t...

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...als that are in need. Things that make leaders more effective for followers is respect in control of the decisions that affect the followers. Being rewarded and recognized for a job well done there 's also a big issue for followers showing value in a Time an effort and dedication and loyalty that a follower has demonstrated only places a high value on such individualism whereas if there is no reward or recognition these followers don 't know if they 're doing a great job or not and at times it would be best for them just to sit back and do nothing because again it comes to communication if nothing 's been communicated to them then they don 't know if they 're on the right page and following speaking the same language of the organization and matching personal and corporate values it 's up to the leader 2 show that a followers the actions are valued (T.Atchison, p.69).

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