Theorist On Teaching Diverse Students Essay

Theorist On Teaching Diverse Students Essay

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E. D. Hirsch and Lisa Delpit are both theorist on teaching diverse students. Both of these theorist believe that when teaching diverse students, teachers need to see their students for who they are. Seeing your students for who they are, means you look past the color of your students’ skin and recognize their culture. According to Stubbs, when teachers look at their students equally, no matter the color of their skin, then the teacher is considered colorblind (2002). Being colorblind is not a great thing because we should not treat all of our students the same, since each student is different. It is important to see our students for who they are because our classes are unique. Instead, our classes represent a rainbow underclass. According to Li, the rainbow underclass is the representation of families who are culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged (2008). In order to meet these student’s needs, teachers need to think about the struggles that each student face.
Even though both Hirsch and Delpit want the best for culturally diverse students, they both have a different approach. Hirsch’s work has focused on the culture of literacy as Delpit’s work has focused on the culture of power. According to Hirsch, cultural literacy is the ability to fluently understand other cultures (1988). It is important to understand other cultures, through learning the different languages, dialects, vocabulary, and even the various stories that are passed down generation to generation. By knowing the various components that shape each culture, teachers are able to provide the support that their students need. As a teacher, I find it important to get to know my students so in the beginning of the school year I have my students fill out an “a...

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... into my class. By learning about each other’s language, the students can develop a respect for their differences.
Developing a respect for one another is important, but not as important of developing respect for yourself. Diverse students know that they are different and when teachers don’t help make these students feel comfortable then they are going to start doubting themselves. Instead, of creating this sense of shame we need to make sure our students feel proud of who they are and the journey that has gotten them to where they are. Wynne suggests that when we neglect to teach other languages, white children are being affected as well by keeping them oblivious to the history that has taken place (????). We should not foster prejudice, but we should help make sure our students understand that everyone has their own history that is just as important as their own.

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