Theories That Influence A Person 's Development Essay

Theories That Influence A Person 's Development Essay

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There are several theories that suggest how a person goes through development. Most theorist believed in only single development process or another that influence a person’s growth. However, there was one theorist that believed that there are several different aspects that influence a person’s development. His name was Urie Bronfenbrenner and he came up with the biological approach. The biological approach “suggest that five levels of the environment simultaneously influence individuals”. (Feldman 2014 pg 23) These five levels are the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and the chronosystem. To demonstrate, I’m going to examine my childhood while I was ten years old, and describe the five levels of development I went through at the time.
Starting off we have the microsystem. Bronfenbrenner believed that the microsystem level “is the everyday, immediate environment in which children lead their daily lives”. (Feldman 2014 pg 23)
For me, at the age of ten, my microsystem consisted of a family of four, mom, dad, older brother, and myself. My family was somewhat divided between my mother/ brother on a team and my father and myself on another. Since my brother is four years older than me we didn’t spend much time around each other, but when we did we would have awful fights. I was an annoying younger sister that didn’t know the full ramifications of my actions. Either way, I attended Kelly School, for grades third-fifth, and I had just entered into third grade. My teacher was a young woman that was kind and nice, but I don’t remember her name. Also, during this time, my family had just moved from the country into town. So, my peers consisted of a couple country friends and one new “in town” friend. However, my ma...

... middle of paper ... in the work place has not only limited my exposure to second hand smoke, but for my loved ones as well. With limited exposure, comes reduced chances of developing cancer. Also, its steps like this, which have influenced other nonsmoking regulations.
Similarly, my childhood could also be explained by Erik Erikson’s theory. Erikson’s theory suggest that a child’s development is based on the interactions the child has within his/her environment. He called this psychosocial development “encompasses changes in our interactions with and understandings of one another as well as in our knowledge and understanding of ourselves as members of society”. (Feldman 2014 pg 15) Therefore, I would have been at the identity vs role diffusion stage, learning about myself and the role that I play. Which can be seen from the different environments I was in and how I adapted.

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