The Theories Of Victimization I Found Are The Victim Precipitation Theory, And The Lifestyle Theory

The Theories Of Victimization I Found Are The Victim Precipitation Theory, And The Lifestyle Theory

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There are always those moments when we make decisions that affect the rest of our lives, turning left when we should have turned right. The difference is that most times we live to regret those decisions unlike Carla and her ill-fated jog to her death. There have been throughout time theories as to why offenders commit crime and what drives them to go against all social norms, but now the discussion in the last 50 years, or so, has been what and how much responsibility the victim has in what makes them an attractive target and how their daily routines can even make then more susceptible to crime. The three theories of victimization I found are the Victim Precipitation theory, the Deviant Place theory, and the Lifestyle theory. Each theory has been proven to explain what makes a victim attractive to an offender, but which is the most relevant and the least of the ones that I have listed. All have been found, at one time or another to explain the amount of responsibility victims must carry when dissecting a crime, because without an offender, a convenient victim, and an unchaperoned time and space the triangle of crime cannot be completed. Each component has to take some responsibility for the committing of a crime. There is no blame in the case of the victim and community, there is only the amount of responsibility that the offender, the victim, and the opportunity must carry in order for crime to be prevented. The results of what happened to Carla is a shame and cannot be changed but it is the example she sets that needs to be taught to others so that they do not share in her fate.
Victim Precipitation is a term that means the victim is either the instigator or is one that places themselves in the path of an offender willingly. ...

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...lped facilitate her death.
I feel sorry for Carla and her family and know that it is hard to think about the responsibility of the victim in times like this, but Carla should have used the advice that all mothers give their daughters. The Center for Problem Oriented Policing says that there is evidence that proves that the behavior of the victim is, in some way, a huge factor in the completion of any crime. There can be no crime if there is no target. The offender can prowl the opportunity can arise, but without the victim there is no completing the triangle. There is no way to soften the fact that everyday someone is killed, raped, assaulted, or robbed, but there are ways to make yourself less attractive and less like a victim. Preventing crime is a community effort and an individual’s responsibility to not place themselves where they are at risk of becoming one.

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