Theories Of Perspective, And The Opposition, Why Humans ' Perspectives Of Reality

Theories Of Perspective, And The Opposition, Why Humans ' Perspectives Of Reality

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Think about everyday life. Imagine everything that is experienced in a single day, whether it is through sight, smell, touch, and/or taste. Now, what if someone said that what is experienced is not how it is in reality? This statement is confusing, but the perspective of every being is different, so if that is true, who is actually viewing the world “correctly”? This is to say, who is viewing her environment as it actually looks? This may seem unbelievable, but it is the truth. In this essay, it will be explained through perspective, theories of perspective, and the opposition, why humans’ perspectives of reality are not accurate representations of said reality.
Before perspective can be explained thoroughly, one must have a definition as to what it is. Perspective is a mental view or the appearance of an object and its characteristics. So, what is it about perspective that a person’s cannot be trusted? To give an example from St. Augustine in Contra Academics:
Is that true, then, which the eyes see in the case of the oar in [the] water? ' 'Quite true. For since there is a special reason for the oar 's looking (videretur) that way, I should rather accuse my eyes of playing me false if the oar looked straight (rectus appareret) when dipped in water; for in that case my eyes would not be seeing what, under the circumstances, ought to be seen (Borchert 229).
This example is of an oar when it is viewed in the water. This is a common situation as people have viewed objects in the water before and have perceived that it looks distorted in one manner or another. Another example comes from Michael Pace’s Perception, Contemporary Views:
…consider an example in which you see a ripe tomato sitting on a well-lit table. Assuming your eyes...

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...or the truth of the latter, but the latter is not a logical function of the former. (Compare Warnock, op. cit., pp. 180–182.) (Borchert 231).
In the above, what is being explained is that the statement being made is contradictory in itself and is a consequence of the argument from illusion if a philosopher is not careful in what she is saying. This is the main problem with theories. Theories are not absolute and therefore have flaws, as with Quantum Mechanics, it has not been proven that reality is a hologram.
The perspective of humans ' is something that can be manipulated and distorted. This has been proven through real life examples, and theories. However, these theories have flaws in them that may argue otherwise. In the end, there are certainly instances in which perspective can be easily influenced, so why do humans continue to trust what they are perceiving?

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