The Theories Of Monogenism, Phrenology, Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution, Eugenics, Social Darwinism, And

The Theories Of Monogenism, Phrenology, Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution, Eugenics, Social Darwinism, And

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When linking the different theories of monogenism, phrenology, polygenism, Darwin’s theory of evolution, eugenics, social Darwinism and lastly socio-biology there is a trend that links to racist essence. This has there fore contributed to the ideology of hierarchy, slavery and further more played a massive part in colonisation. The theories of monogenesis and polygenesis focused on where the human races had been based from in regards to a single origin or multiple origins. Both theories were based of the Christian Bible. Monogenesis held the belief that humans all descended from Adam and eve then further on from Noahs sons and wife’s. Where as pilgenesis thought that God had created different races, they also thought that some races were created because of the wrath of god they attracted. They believed that evolution happened as a later result because of evolutionary pressures. Darwin’s thesis undermined these previous theory’s believes and as a result racism became warranted because of the believe that the different races un-Christian and uncivilised conduct justified that those races were “Pre-Adamite. Giving them the justification to call them sub-human. This under pinned the justification of Colonisation and slavery in European and later on in American. Mabo v Queensland (1992) 175 CLR 1 at 32: ‘As among themselves, the European nations parcelled out the territories newly discovered to the sovereigns of the respective discoverers (66), provided the discovery was confirmed by occupation and provided the indigenous inhabitants were not organised in a society that was united permanently for political action. (67) To these territories the European colonial nations applied the doctrines relating to acquisition of territory that wa...

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...eported to be more “civilised” the Commissioner of Police stated “they present a type of humanity advanced several stages in mental evolution beyond that reached by their continental cousins,” he continues of to list the reason he believes is an example of their advanced evolution. The Queensland Government started exercising authority over the Torres Strait after 1872 although it seems that this was not recognised by the Torres Strait people for around 14 years. The Torres Strait held more resemblance to the Pacific Islanders in relation to the introduction of European’s and Christian influences. Their communities resembled the Pacific because of the crucial elements of the ‘old culture being maintained for example kinship and land tenure systems. Their experience in fishers led them to be a elite labour force especially in regards to pearl fisheres. (reference 3).

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