The Theories Of Maslow And Bandura Essay

The Theories Of Maslow And Bandura Essay

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In the film, “Batman Begins” Bruce Wayne’s journey to become the Batman is explored (Franco, Orleans, Roven, Thomas, Nolan, 2005). This essay applies the theories of Maslow and Bandura, in an effort to determine whose theory makes better sense of Bruce.
Maslow believed that there was a hierarchy of five innate needs that influence people’s behaviors (Schultz & Schultz, 2013, p.246-247). In a pyramid fashion, at the base are physiological needs, followed by safety needs, then belonginess and love needs, succeeded by esteem needs, and finally the need for self-actualization. Maslow claimed that lower order needs must be at least partially satisfied before higher level needs are addressed. Furthermore, behavior is dominated by solely one need at any given time. The need for self-actualization is defined as the “maximum realization and fulfillment of our potentials, talents, and abilities.” (Schultz & Schultz, 2013, p.246-247).
It can be argued, that Bruce is working on self-actualization. At least partially, he satisfies every need aside from the self-actualization need. Bruce is rich, thus fulfilling his physiological and safety needs (Franco et al., 2005).His faithful butler and friend loves him and claims he’ll never give up on him, fulfilling at least partially his need for belongingness and love. Lastly, he is a well-respected public figure with a high social status. This is clear when a mob boss claims, “You 're Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham; you 'd have to go a thousand miles to meet someone who didn 't know your name.” (Franco et al., 2005). Having, at least partially, satisfied these lower order needs, Bruce travels and trains with the League of Assassins to self-actualize by pushing his body to its limits to become a ma...

... middle of paper ... off his self-doubts or fears of failure.
Although Maslow explains that Bruce is able to focus on satisfying his need to self-actualize because he has met the lower order needs, it is difficult to ignore Bruce’s apparent disregard for his belonginess and love needs as well as his esteem needs. As discussed, it appears as if he is willing to push the couple friends that care about him to fulfill his need to self-actualize. He does not care about his name, wealth, or status, and is willing to sacrifice his physiological and safety needs to self-actualize. While Bandura’s theory also has its limitations, such as Bruce’s self-doubt and fear of failure, it would be logical to assume, that given the circumstances Bruce found himself in, anyone would be vulnerable to feel doubts and fears. Ultimately, Bandura’s theory limitations are less consequential granting it victory.

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