The Theories Of Intelligence Are Presented By Hector 's Situation Above Essay

The Theories Of Intelligence Are Presented By Hector 's Situation Above Essay

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Question Set 1:
What challenges to the traditional, general factor (“g”) theories of intelligence are presented by Hector’s situation above?
Cognitive development in middle childhood focuses on thinking and constructed knowledge. As their cognitive abilities flourish and grow, children learn to meet requirements of formal schooling. Hector’s ability to excel in pre-calculus and economics shows that he is accustomed to formal schooling and can succeed in a traditional setting. However, he is not excelling in all aspects of formal schooling based upon his poor marks in philosophy. Clearly his poor performance in philosophy is not attributed to his inability to conform to formal schooling seeing as he is succeeding in other areas of school. Hector’s strength in some areas and struggles in others indicate that theories of intelligence are not true in all cases and all children learn and retain knowledge differently.
What contemporary theories of intelligence better account for Hector’s successes in calculus and economics and his struggles in philosophy?
All children think and experience the world differently, some children have brains that are wired for mathematical and analytical reasoning and some are better equipped for linguistics and comprehension. Hector evidently performs well in courses such as pre-calculus and economics that involve computation and concrete or black-and-white operations. Traditional theories of intelligence do not account for the ambiguity of classes such as philosophy or for the wide range of interests a child can have. For example, contemporary theories such as Sternberg’s Theory of Intelligence and Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences both account for more than the general intelligence accounted fo...

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...ess, I was devastated by his absence in my life, and I resented her for their break-up. Their divorce changed my everyday routine immediately as he was incredibly involved in our lives. My mother was with her second husband for eight years when they divorced, and by then I had typically referred to my mother and my step-father as my parents, as opposed to my biological father. The relationship I had with my step-father seemed much more concrete because it was never forced being that we had only marital and not biological ties. Since there was not much contact following their separation, the emotional effects of their divorce were much more evident to me following their split. Being able to compare the two events makes it very clear to me that divorce affects children and adolescents differently, and, further, that not all relationships are meant to be carried out.

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