Theories Of Group And Group Dynamics And How They Are Applied Essay

Theories Of Group And Group Dynamics And How They Are Applied Essay

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The social work profession is one of the primary institutions designed to help people negotiate the complicated systems in which they live. Its efforts have followed three major impulses. The most prominent of these is dealing with people individually, “case by case,” and seeking to remedy the psychological and social conditions that initiated their problems. Theories of responsibility vary among individual and social, moral, economic, and psychological factors–but those who seek help are seen as somehow personally inadequate, and the effort is made to render them more self-sufficient, psychologically stronger, and less dependent on help from the outside. This essay examines theories of group and group dynamics and how they are applied. We will first describe what may be understood by the terms `group`, and `group work` with specific regard to group work theory. We will then examine Schwartz’s theory of the social worker group stage development by describing each stage and relating this theory. This one-on-one approach to human problems is called social casework, and it has been the dominant feature of the social work profession since it’s beginning.
Social work professionals and group work researchers have elaborated on the role of mutual support in the small group setting. Social work with groups has played an important role in transforming the way we think about clients and the helping process First, members have strengths, opinions, perspectives, information, and experiences that can be drawn upon to help others. As members become closer with one another, they develop helping relationships and become invested in each other and in participating in the group. The mutual support processes that unfold help group members. Secondly,...

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... methods, instead of relying so much on assumptions and formulations of our discipline.
Conclusion: Group Work –
To state that a group work social work task is not an exact science is an understatement. As we have seen, defining what is meant by a group is problematic, because as no absolute definition exists. Groups are extremely important in the lives of all individuals. Many of our goals can be achieved only with the cooperation and professional coordination of others. However the success of any group depends on the ability of its members to exchange ideas freely and to feel involved in the life and decisions of the group. It is important that short term and long term goals are set realistically, if the group is to develop and function effectively. Finally, let us consider briefly the historical context of group work development and the purpose to our society.

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