Theories of Gender Determination Essay

Theories of Gender Determination Essay

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In the past the biological details of men and women play a huge role in gender determination. However, we have come to realize that gender is something constructed by societal practices and norms. Further sociological analyzes regarding the role of gender development created theories concerning the significant and vast differences between men and women. Stronger theories argue that the differences in behavior between female and males are based entirely on social convention. Whereas lesser versions believe behavior is defined by biological factors to some extent, but social conventions also have some effect on gendered behavior. Additional theories believe that gender identity is an unconscious act by the human mind though varies social interaction with members of the same-sex. In this paper I will illustrate how these theories relate to gender determination in society and culture today.
First I chose to look at the social learning theory (Andersen 2011) and how it affects the gender determination process. The strategy is to convince children of the opposite sex that they are very dif...

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