Theories Of Creative Cognition And Creativity Essay

Theories Of Creative Cognition And Creativity Essay

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Analogy shows the ideas that are significant and as well indicate both inventions and innovations that have been formed.
Memory mechanism
This are components of memory that have important duties in the process of creative cognition. They include working memory which is an area of storage without permanence and sores information in the short term, interference, created memories and recovered memories.
Creative cognition
Cognition is generally referred to as thinking and it shows the ability of the brain to function appropriately, store information and the retention of information ability.
1.3 Theoretical Framework
Religious contexts shows that there were early concepts of creativity and creative cognition. This can be seen from the biblical literature about creation where God was able to do good pieces of arts work such as creating man from mud. However, this topic has gone from stages to stages and there were instances where originality was not challenged at all mostly during the middle ages.
Several writers and, artists and writers different periods took a lot of time researching about the concept of creative cognition and creativity. For example, Adam Smith identified the need to take into account the human behavior in a scientific framework. This helped him identify the need to be creative imperatively in various fields such as social and political fields. Several studies were carried out to identify the distinguishing features in sensory functioning of different individuals. This placed into account the assumption that sensory discrimination had a positive association with the levels of intelligence of the involved people. Most psychologists studied the levels of intelligence of people to identify the difference...

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...time consuming. Using the questionnaires and carrying out case study requires a lot of time. Another limitation is that there is a little number of cases that have been studied on this topic. This is a limitation since research needs to be replicated using big number of organizations and the respondents should also be many. Since the respondents were randomly selected, the gender ratio was not taken into account.
1.8 Significance of the study
The study was necessary since it helps in identifying the cognitive processes and cognition systems that are involved in idea generation from different people. It takes people into brainstorming sessions that are very essential in identifying their intellectual capabilities. It also gives various ways of improving the processes of creative thinking and motivational levels that help people to have creativity in their thinking.

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