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Theories of Communications, is a course that allowed me to further gain a far better perspective and has also broadened my understanding and knowledge of some of the major theories. I appreciate the fact, that during the course of the semester, this class really did an admirable job introducing me to a variety of well known and widely studied theories in the communication feild. One of the biggest things I took out of this class, was how the class impled me to learn how to apply some of the theories to my life in a practical way through some of the class activities, readings, group work, presentations, and assignments. In the following paper, there will be three main things I will be covering. I will start off by introducing all members of my family, and describing a little bit about them individually. I will then be talking about the five theories I selected that I can applyto myself and my family. I will then describe each of the five theories, give an example of my own families experiance that aplies to the theories, and give an analysis of the experiance using the theory. And lastly, I will share with you my conclucion, which will conclude basically all of the things that I learned through writing this paper.
In my immiediate family, there are 5 members in our household. We as family have been living in bloomington, Minnesota for about 10 years now. My father Brian, who is in his early 50's, and is employed for the Toro company where he is a finance department. My step-mother Roxanne, who is in her mid 40's, and is employed by the government where she is a probation officer. My younger brother Niles who is 20 years of age, and is currently enrolled in a community college in Minneapolis, MN. My youngest...

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... of emotion regulation theory is the meta-emotion, which is one's emotions about emotions. It is proposed in the class-text that meta-emotion structure is a major factor and influence in the children's developmental outcomes (Cupach & Olson, pg. 214).

Theory #5: Communication Privacy Management Theory: Understanding Families.
Definition: this theory is about the management privacy that family members, within a family have to make decisions about how much information to share and how much to keep private from other family members. This is a complex but important theory. Faily privacy is essential to family fucntioning (Petronio & Caughlin, pg. 36). Communication Privacy Theory is practical and is constructe to permit applications that gives us the oppurtunity to understand everyday problems and events that people encounter in families (Petrino & Caughlin).

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