Theories And The Various Stages Of Development Essay

Theories And The Various Stages Of Development Essay

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Chapter one provided a brief overview on child development, which included debated topics, theories and the various stages of development. The chapter was an introduction to readers that outlined the basic notions of child development and how they can be implemented while working with children. The field of development includes factors such as nature, nurture, existing conditions for the child and the child’s own traits. In order to understand and effectively work with children, the chapter emphasizes the importance of each factor and how they relate. Child development has been divided into three categories: physical development, cognitive development and social-emotional development. Although different, these domains are interconnected and rely on each other in order for the child to develop. The chapter notes that all areas of development are also dependent on a child’s culture, experiences of the family, and relationships to peers and the community.
Some questions that were raised in chapter one included the nature v. nurture argument. Theorists have wondered how much of development is affected by genetics and the environment. Ultimately, nature and nurture intertwine to shape the lives of children. Nature may predispose children to certain behaviors if placed in specific environments, however the timing of the environmental exposure and the child’s natural tendencies also play a role. Theorists have also discussed the extent to which development is universal and how much of it is unique to individuals. There are consistencies that have been noted universally yet; theorists have observed variations in their competency in different tasks and way of life that may be contributed to genetics or the environment. Lastly, theorists...

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... this stage, they learn about the attachment with other people, motor skills and begin exploring language. Early childhood (2-6 years) includes children discovering fantasy and play. During this stage children are active, playful and curious about the world around them. Middle childhood (6-10 years) involves children grasping real life concepts such as their relationships with peers and with themselves. In early adolescence (10-14 years) children are developing mentally but also physically. Their hormones interact with their thoughts about themselves and others. During this stage, adolescents are capable of thinking abstractly and logically. The last stage is late adolescence (14-18 years) where adolescents begin to claim their independence from adults. This stage includes adolescents making decisions on their own and high importance is placed on peer relationships.

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