Theoretical Perspectives Within Criminology 's Criminology Essay

Theoretical Perspectives Within Criminology 's Criminology Essay

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There are different theoretical perspectives within the study of criminology. The theories presented will give different explanations as to the case study presented reached specific outcomes. By dissecting such theories as social learning, strain, life course vision, choice, and social reaction one will see that the various methods presented can explain the outcome of George DeCastro. These theories can be used in any criminal based study to show how there are specific issues and how these methods show how crime is affecting the livelihood of the individuals that it is studying.
The study presented was based on the case-study of George DeCastro, who was the youngest in a large family where his family impoverished and partook in using illegal substances. This study followed the life of DeCastro as he entered into the foster care system and continued to have minimal contact with his family while away. DeCastro acted in defiance by participating in a theft at an early age to eventually joining a gang in the area in which he resided. DeCastro’s deviant behavior led him to be on probation in which he consistently entered and left over two years. DeCastro’s changing point in his mindset was when he and his girlfriend had a child. DeCastro realized he was unable to properly care for his family if he maintained a gang affiliation. DeCastro was able to work with a gang intervention specialist at the Juvenile Probation to work towards finishing his education, leaving a life of deviance and changing his life for the better. Through his specialist, he was able to have his gang affiliation tattoos removed and helped him explain to his gang the reasonings for not being in the gang and wanting to be actively involved with his new family an...

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...uded in his son’s life, unlike his family who chose the wrong path and was not a role model in his life or his siblings’ lives. DeCastro made it known to his probation officer and gang interventionist that he did not want his son to someday ask him about his gang affiliation due to permanent tattoos as he wished for it to be his past.
It is important to note, that Edwin Sutherland’s elements of his social learning theory can be used in either criminal or anti-criminal behavior, as the processes are interchangeable with one another. Although DeCastro initially showed and displayed many of the processes as being criminal, he was eventually able to change his mindset and engage in the anti-criminal model and become law abiding citizen. DeCastro did not wish for his son to participate in the same deviant acts that he did due to lack of care, nurture, and stability.

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