The Theoretical Framework Section Of The Action Research Project Essay

The Theoretical Framework Section Of The Action Research Project Essay

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The theoretical framework section of the action research project presents the theories and ideologies that clarified what barriers exist that prevent students and faculty from utilizing the literacy support service through participation or referrals. The texts examined motivation and self-efficacy for students in regards to completing assignments or requesting literacy supports. It also explored the attitudes of professors in regards to student and faculty responsibilities in the learning environment. This sections also considers the knowledge students and professors have of the post-secondary strategies for learning and instruction as knowledge of methodologies may be a barrier to learning and instruction or a key to successful transfer of content and skills.
The question of responsibility for student success is highly contentious. Selberg, et al. (n.d.) report that one reason professors are reluctant to use Early Alert is that they consider it another method of over-supporting students when they should be learning to be responsible for themselves. There were two articles this fall in the Washington Post (Selingo, 2015; Ross, 2015) discussing the concerns of student coddling at the college level. However, these articles fail to consider theories of motivation and success. Eccles and Wigfield (2002; Wigfield & Eccles, 2008) and Pajares (2002) address Bandura’s concepts of self-efficacy and learned helplessness.
Students are more likely to succeed if they are motivated to do a task. Eccles and Wigfield’s 2002 study examined intrinsic motivations for task completion and skill acquisition, because there is “growing evidence that extrinsic incentives and pressures can undermine motivation to perform even inherently interesting act...

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...differences of late adolescent and adult learners. One of the primary components the professional learning community theory promotes is early assessment and intervention, a concept reinforced by the studies conducted by Dwyer and Wiliam in 2015. Johnson (2012) listed archival data as a quantitative source of data. The quantitative data from the archives of Early Alert and Student Retention services will give support to the qualitative information from interviews and surveys (A. Johnson, 2012).
The theories of motivation, self-efficacy, and performance need to be examined in order to determine what professors and students know about learning and how they utilize their personal ideologies to achieve success or failure. Do these theories of self-fulfilling prophecy, motivation, and responsibility effect the use of River Community College’s literacy support systems?

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