Theoretical Framework of the Study Essay

Theoretical Framework of the Study Essay

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As seen in the previous literature, much of the empirical research in the last twenty years has focused on documenting the positive student outcomes associated with service-learning. Despite this focus, only few studies have also explored the role individual characteristics play in participation in such outcomes. Susan Jones (2002), for example, finds that the student’s ability to actively participate in all aspects of her/his service-learning experience depends on “the intersection of the student’s own background. . . , developmental readiness for such a learning experience, and the privileging conditions that put a college student in a community service organization as a volunteer in the first place” (p. 13). Accordingly, different complexities may emerge when students “engage with ill structured, complex social issues present in the community service settings typically associated with service-learning courses” (Jones, Gilbride-Brown, & Gasiorski, 2005, p. 4). Jones refers to this trend as the underside of service-learning, which includes previously held assumptions, stereotypes, and privileges. As a result, attitudes of resistance emerge as a student process of negotiating their identity while making meaning out of the service-learning experience.
Nevertheless, the aforesaid discussion occurs when approaching service-learning as a critical pedagogy that strives for social justice (p. 7). In other words, when designing a service-learning curriculum to help students develop self-awareness, awareness of others, awareness of social issues, and developing ethics in service and social change.
In order to examine service-learning from the perspective of student resistance, Jones proposes a new model: The Critical Developmental Len...

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