Essay on Theoretical Foundations of Change

Essay on Theoretical Foundations of Change

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Change is inevitable within organizations. From the beginning of organizations, there has been changes. From the beginning of towns, wars, and businesses, individuals have seen reasons and the purpose in changing parts or whole organizations to make them better and more efficient (Sutevski, 2014). Many factors, leadership styles, and data go into the creation of the organizational change.
Factors that contribute to the organic evolution of change
Many organizations are faced with change for one reason or another. Some of the factors creating the need to change are competition, technology, desire for growth, need to improve processes, and government regulations (Joseph, 2014).
When an organization finds they are lacking in technology, they may decide to upgrade their technology to give them the market advantage. Obtain different capitol resources may prompt the organization to adjust the supply chain functions and increase the amount of production being done within the organization (Cole-Ingait, 2014). The brick-and-mortar strategies might be affected by the online strategies of distribution due to the increase of information systems (Cole-Ingait, 2014). As the technology is upgraded, the employees within the organization need to be trained to understand the advanced technology standards (Joseph, 2014). Technology has been shown to help increase the customer service and help with efficiency within the organization (Joseph, 2014).
The competition around an organization may lead a company to change (Joseph, 2014). When a competitor moves into the same territory as a similar competitor, this will take away some of the market (Joseph, 2014). If the organization wants to maintain the same level of market share they had before...

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