Theoretical Aspects of Organizational Culture in South African Context Essay

Theoretical Aspects of Organizational Culture in South African Context Essay

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An organization is the means by which human and other resources are deployed so that work gets done (Price, 2011). Edward Taylor defined Culture as the ‘knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits’ acquired through membership of society’ (Price a. c., 2011). Bower simply defined organizational culture as ‘the way we do things around here’. (Price a. c., Human Resource Management Fourth edition, 2011). Researchers have determined that culture is one variable that adds to the organization as a whole. Culture can be altered depending on the organization’s leadership and its members.
Part one of this paper focuses on the theoretical aspects of organizational culture.
Part two focuses on organizational culture in a South African context.
Part three focuses on the challenges of culture and ways to overcome it.
Nowadays, organizations operate in extremely dynamic environments characterised by constant changes in technology, stringent government regulations and the unpredictability of the economy. These external factors restrict organizations from making abnormal profits and gaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, organizations should move their attention from overcoming external factors to maintaining the internal aspects of the organization. Building an organizational culture within an organization can unite its employees resulting in an increase in productivity, company image and evidently help the organization build a competitive advantage.
Historical research conducted on culture dates back to the Human Relations movement. The studies conducted at the Western Electric Hawthorn plant launched this movement. Hawthorn researchers conducted an experiment where two groups (a tes...

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