Theology of Leadership From the Bible Essay

Theology of Leadership From the Bible Essay

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This paper is an attempt to do the impossible. In a handful of pages, I will dig into the Bible to build a theology of leadership, look at history to see important influences on the pastoral vocation, and build a personal structure for my call to the pastorate. Fittingly, this paper faces many of the challenges of ministry. The job description is massive in scope, the resources are scant, and the hope for success lies squarely on the work of the Spirit.
Before I begin building this theology, let me talk about myself for a moment. It is important for us all that we location in this conversation is clear. I grew up in a tight-knit, conservative, evangelical family. My father was an officer in the Coast Guard and my mother was mostly a stay-at-home mom. We moved often and that meant that there were many church communities we called home. There were many similarities in the churches we joined including a suburban setting, a strong commitment to the Bible, an emphasis on personal transformation and holiness, conservative politics, and congregational governance. The differences included churches on a spectrum from very charismatic to very rational, churches that were community minded and churches that were very insulated, and churches that were located across the country from Maryland to St. Louis to Seattle.
From a young age, I was deeply involved in the community of faith and that swiftly led me into leadership in the church. My sense of rootedness in the church and my success in children and student ministry leadership, led me to Seattle Pacific University to pursue training in theology and educational ministry, and from there to my first call in vocational ministry as a student pastor at Kent Covenant Church where I served for e...

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