Theology Is The Teaching Of The Living God Essay

Theology Is The Teaching Of The Living God Essay

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Theology is the teaching of the living God. True theology is not entirely about knowing about God but is some something that we live out. It is both something that be observed and lived out. Life and theology are inseparable. It is through the work of the Holy Spirit that our theological construction and our practical convictions come together. Religion loses its importance when we start to approach theology as a problem that we are trying to solve, rather than with our heart of worship. From the Spirit theologian are those that are set apart not from their studying of the scriptures but through the preparation of the Spirit. Religious people are not someone that is set apart and free from their sins but it is some who bask in the love of our Father and the grace of our savior. It is someone who is renewed by being in fellowship with the spirit. Simply talking about God does not make one a holy person. There are several dangers of corrupted theology which includes being full of anger, jealousy, division, strife, and where the understanding has become an idol rather than a path that l...

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