Theodore Roosevelt Vs. Taft Essay

Theodore Roosevelt Vs. Taft Essay

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Sometimes politics can turn the greatest of friends into bitter enemies. This was the fate for two of the four presidential candidates of 1912. Those two candidates were Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. Roosevelt and Taft were the 26th and 27th presidents of the United States. Both presidents were republicans and both were very close friends at one time. In fact, William Taft was a handpicked successor of Roosevelt. Soon after though, there was a rift between the two with both calling each other names and belittling each other in the public eye. Despite the fact that they both followed the same Republican policies, there were differences between them. Why did these two presidents who were once very close friends turn on each other? Whatever the motive, the 1912 election would begin with two Republican Candidates.
Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. He served for two terms beginning in 1901 until 1909. Roosevelt was President William McKinley’s Vice President but later became president when President McKinley was assassinated at the Buffalo Exposition. After serving out the remainder of McKinley’s term, President Roosevelt ran and was elected in 1904 for a term of his own. After Roosevelt had taken office in 1901, progressivism became a powerful national movement. Roosevelt embraced progressivism by believing that an active government could make life better. During his time in office Roosevelt was a loud and effective advocate for “trust-busting” which is the breaking up of huge monopolies that had controlled prices as well as preventing competition. For his aggressive use of the United States antitrust law, and because he brought 40 antitrust suits against major companies such as the ...

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...ine owners to improve safety. Taft had also finished what Roosevelt started in dealing with big businesses and had prosecuted twice as many as Roosevelt had. So why did Roosevelt and Taft turn on each other? Was it because Roosevelt had very different views on how the presidency should be run than Taft? Roosevelt grew increasingly angry with President Taft throughout his presidency. Roosevelt then made the decision to challenge Taft for the next Republican nomination stating “My hat is in the ring”. Because of their feud, no matter the reason, Roosevelt and Taft did manage to accomplish two things. They cost themselves the election and sadly their feud cost them their friendship. The Democrats were now back in power for the first time since before the civil war and the election of 1912 brought southern leadership and influence back into the national government.

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