Essay about Theodore Roosevelt : Foreign And Domestic Policies

Essay about Theodore Roosevelt : Foreign And Domestic Policies

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Theodore Roosevelt affected America with his foreign and domestic policies. The Panama canal, gun-boat diplomacy, and the conquering of foreign lands are three significant examples of T.R.’s involvement in foreign policy. T.R.’s domestic policies included expanding the president’s power, regulating trusts, and conserving wildlife.
The Panama Canal is one of T.R.’s greatest accomplishments and involved America in foreign affairs. In choosing Panama as the site to build the canal, American assisted in Panama’s rebellion. The presence of the American ships in Panama encouraged the Columbians to not retaliate, resulting in little violence and a successful revolution. The canal allowed America to be more involved with the rest of the world, allowing for more trade because of shorter and less dangerous trade routes. In addition, military power, especially the American navy, increased because since the United States controlled the canal for many years, only the U.S. and its allies could use and benefit from the shortcut the canal provided in times of war.
Gunboat diplomacy was one of T.R.’s most important policies, along with the big stick policy. T.R. exercised this when trading with foreign nations, some of which did not want to trade with the U.S. However, with the intimidation of the U.S. navy, those countries reluctantly agreed to trade with America in order to avoid conflict. As a result, American trade boomed. Moreover, gunboat diplomacy was exercised when England wanted to collect taxes from lands within the Western Hemisphere, yet T.R. wanted to enforce the Monroe doctrine. As a result, the United States collected the taxes for England, and England stayed out of the Western Hemisphere. The countries despised paying the taxes, y...

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...ional parks, and 18 national monuments” (Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation). T.R. loved nature and saw the importance of conservation, as he was one of the first presidents to be involved with it. He realized that the unnecessary yet excessive hunting and killing of animals for fun, such as shooting buffalo from moving trains, were making some species come close to extinction. No other president had done nearly as much as T.R. in conservation.
The United States was greatly changed by the policies of Theodore Roosevelt, both foreign and domestic. His involvement in foreign affairs include the Panama Canal, the conquering of foreign lands, and gunboat diplomacy. His domestic policies include the expansion of the president’s power, the regulation of trusts, and the conservation of nature. It is for these policies that he stands as one of America’s greatest presidents.

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