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Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson Essay

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“The Election of Theodore Roosevelt, 1912”

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States, was one of the most influential presidents of all time according to many people. Teddy was in office for a total of 8 years or 2 terms. Theodore was sworn into office after the assassination of President William Mckinley by Leon Czolgosz in 1901. Later Roosevelt competed against Alton B. Parker in the 1904 presidential election and ultimately won. Theodore Roosevelt was a type of president that was a people person, as well as a very determined person. He was known to not back down so easy and fought until the very end. Many things are discussed about Roosevelt in this article written by John Lukacs, such as the comparison between Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson,what would have become of World War I if Roosevelt would have been in office at the time, and lastly if Roosevelt didn’t lose the Republican nomination against William Taft in the election of 1912.

Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are clearly different presidents. Teddy, with a prominent military background and a strong love of big game hunting, than Wilson with a strong intellect background, a very organized and “to the books” personality. Some similarities between the two presidents are that they both decreased the exposure of big businesses. Roosevelt with his famous policy that broke up major railroad, oil, and steel conglomerates, later leading to the Federal Trade Commission. Now with Wilson, The Wilson Administration banned child labors and instituted maximum hours legislation for railroad workers.Teddy was always a hands on president, very active and boisterous. Wilson was more of a reclusive and composed president. Many people debate which president was ...

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... end, as we know Roosevelt did not win as many states as you would think. Woodrow Wilson won and became our 28th president of the United States. To think that if Roosevelt or even Taft won the election, that the future of our country could have been drastically changed.

In conclusion, Theodore Roosevelt was clearly one of the most influential presidents in our history.It is clear that between Roosevelt and Wilson, they took the problems of the country and faced them in very different ways. The 1st World War could have both ended sooner or even with less bloodshed in the end if Teddy was president at the time. This of course is just an opinion, but it is definitely interesting to contemplate. Lastly, if the election of 1912 had ended with Roosevelt winning instead of Wilson, the lives of all people could have been drastically different, for the best or even the worst.

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