Theodore Roosevelt And The Great President Essay

Theodore Roosevelt And The Great President Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents in United States history because of his progressive changes to our country. Every President had an impact on this country but Theodore Roosevelt had a major impact. His actions as President helped America become the wonderful country it is today.

Theodore Roosevelt came from a wealthy family. His parents were Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. His father was a noted businessman and philanthropist. His mother was from Georgia and came from a rich family that had owned a plantation with slaves (Cooper, 2012). Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., came from a family of rich Dutch merchants that helped New York to become America’s leading financial city. He was a banker and an importer, as well as an active member of New York’s Republican Party (Green, 2003). His business specialized in the importation of glass products (Garraty, 1967). His family overall was socially popular and economically healthy.

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, in New York, New York, United States (Cooper, 2012). His birthplace was the master bedroom of his house where he spent most of his childhood. Roosevelt was the second of four children (Cooper, 2012). At home he was often called “ Teddie”. He was not like the typical child because he was significantly slim and weak (Garraty, 1967). He suffered from asthma and had terrible eyesight. After a program of physical exertion, he gained good health (Cooper, 2012). At the age of twelve years old, his father bought him a set of weights to help him boost up his weak body.As a child, Roosevelt was often bullied and would depend on his brother to protect him. He got tired of depending on his brother so he started practicing boxing (...

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...ith a hunger for adventure despite the dangers. When World War I broke out in 1914, Roosevelt tried to get involved hoping he would get the nomination for the Republican party in 1916. He would do anything to go against the Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Roosevelt tried to lead a division in France but was rejected and his anger toward Wilson grew even more. Due to his his support of the war and the attacks on Wilson, Roosevelt lost all hope of getting the 1920 nomination. Sadly, Roosevelt died on January 1919 at the age of sixty.

Roosevelt is known as one of America’s greatest Presidents because of his major changes involving businesses and safety policies. From solving the problems of many citizens, to solving international affairs, Theodore Roosevelt proved to be one of the most activist Presidents since Abraham Lincoln, with accomplishments and not just promises.

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