Essay Themes of Dark They Were And Golden Eyed by Ray Bradbury

Essay Themes of Dark They Were And Golden Eyed by Ray Bradbury

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In the story Dark They Were And Golden Eyed, by Ray Bradbury, a great story that he develops themes of fear, change and symbol and label. The author uses techniques of similes, metaphors and personification that explain and convey them to the reader very powerfully.

A clear and important theme developed in the story by Ray Bradbury through the use of personification is fear. In the sentence, ?The fear was never gone? it lay with Mr and Mrs Bittering, a third unbidden partner at every midnight talk?. The author creates fear among the humans by using personification to show the unbidden partner as a person, but we recognise what it really is. Ray Bradbury is trying to show that the unbidden partner is fear becoming real.. There was once a time were fear was overwhelming and real to me when on the year 8 camp I participated in, we went to make rafts at the beach. When we went to test them in the water, we went out to the rocks, and then a man came to pick us up from the ocean because our rafts had fallen apart. He told us all to grab onto a piece of rope of a part of the raf...

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