The Theme of Family in Achebe’s "Things Fall Apart" Essay

The Theme of Family in Achebe’s "Things Fall Apart" Essay

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Family is important in every culture, it shapes people and makes them who they are.

People are commonly judged by the actions of there family. Each family member contributes

differently and has separate effects on the outcome of his or her family. In different culture

the men and women have a variety of roles cut out for them, none are quite the same.

Women are very important in some cultures however in others, such as in the Igbo

culture, they only serve to be wed and bear children. When women are growing up one of the

main things they are taught about is their roles in the family and future.

Women have a very important role in choosing wives for their

sons because until the newly weds can build a home the wife stays

with the mother in law at her home. This would make it very

important that the mother in law and daughter in law get along.

The women’s main responsibilities include bearing healthy children,

pleasing their husbands and raising young children. Even though women

are considered the weaker sex they still ha...

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