The Theme of Death in Music Essay

The Theme of Death in Music Essay

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All the songs we hear, whether it is on the radio, or on YouTube, all have a meaning and a particular feeling they help express. Music is a huge part of our entertainment, the songs we listen to and the sounds we hear all contribute to our personality, feelings and emotions. Some songs bring the happiness out of us and some songs make us sad. Humans have a very broad range of emotions; therefore songs need to be made to fit all of those feelings. Death is a subject common amongst most singers. We all experience death somehow, whether it is a death of a friend or family member. Music can certainly shape our attitudes and personalities. Concerning death, songs can also reflect our views on dying and this can range from genre to genre. For example, “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry, “Keep Me In Your Heart” by the Warren Zevon and “I Miss You” by Miley Cyrus all have the common subject of death but each song illustrates dying in a different manner.
Many things in this world shape our attitudes; it can be the people we associate ourselves with, the television we watch and the music we hear. The music we listen to can have a great effect on how we come to grow as a person and how we treat others. Music has both positive and negative inflictions on people, it just depends on what music you like to listen to. For instance, according to the American Psychological Association, people who listened to violent lyrics had an increase in aggressive behavior. The article states that “repeated exposure to violent lyrics may contribute to the development of an aggressive personality and could indirectly create a more hostile social environment” INCLUDE SOME BOOK INFORMATION HERE
“If I Die Young” written by the American country group The Band...

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