Theme expressed in Tape by Jose Rivera Essay

Theme expressed in Tape by Jose Rivera Essay

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“Tape” is a short ten minute play by Jose Rivera. It’s a play that only has two characters, a Person and an Attendant. It takes place in a small dark room with no windows and only one door. Inside the room are a chair and a table with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a glass and pitcher of water. This play is about a Person who is brought to the small room by the Attendant to listen to every lie the Person has told in life. Every single lie was recorded and now it’s time that the Person gets to listen to all of them. All ten thousand boxes full of recorded lies. Even though lying will cause trustworthy issues, lying is always wrong and will never get you far in life because it hurts others and creates bigger problems and that’s exactly what happened to the Person.
The play opens by introducing the Person into the room who was led by the Attendant. The Person states “Dark in here” (543) meaning that the room didn’t have much light. The Attendant then apologized and told the Person that he would make sure that one of the other Attendant’s would replace the light bulb but by then the Person really didn’t care. He said “Who cares, really?” (543). At the end it wouldn’t even matter.
The Attendant then notifies the Person that he will be outside the room the entire time. The Person then asks “Is it boring?” (544). The Attendant replies with a simple answer. He said

that that was his job. He would just wait outside for everyone to finish with their business. Their business being, listening to their recorded lies. At this point the Person starts questioning the Attendant about getting food to eat or drink but there is no kitchen for that to happen. The Person then keeps asking questions about the Attendant dreaming. The Attendant then...

... middle of paper ...

...he Person waits for his lying response, the play closes.
This play shows that lying is wrong and will get you nowhere. At the end, lying will come back and haunt you. Also, lying will get you known as a liar. A liar who no one will believe at the end of the day. A liar that will be hard to be trusted by others. All of this is something that you want to avoid. Never lie and always tell the truth and you will end up feeling better about yourself. That is what I ended up getting from this ten minute play. Never lie because all those lies will be stored somewhere, maybe not recorded on tape like they were for the Person but stored somewhere like ones conscious. Lies will come back soon or later to come and bite you when you least expect it.

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