Theme And Setting Of The Milky Way Galaxy Essay

Theme And Setting Of The Milky Way Galaxy Essay

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Theme & Setting
In the year 3085 the Milky Way galaxy is under war. The outer planets (past the asteroid belt) have been engaged in bloody and dreadful battles for the past decade. Two factions have existed since the start of the war. There is the Baghi who consist of Jupiter, Neptune, and dwarf planets Ceres and Eris. Their only objective is complete control over the Milky Way galaxy. The planet Jupiter is the supreme command front of the Baghi. Then there is the Shalil who are fighting for peace, but will do anything to win this war. The Shalil consist of Saturn, Uranus, and the dwarf planets Pluto and Haumea. Saturn is the leader of the Shalil forces. Through the years the Shalil have won many important battles, but have begun to fade off in the more recent years. The once dominated Shalil forces are now on the verge of losing the war.
The inner planets, which consist of Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury have done their best over the past decade to evade this war. However,on October 31, 3085 Mercury and Venus, fearing that the Shalil was destined to lose this war decided to join the Baghi forces. Thus, ensuring in order to ensure safety over their planets if the Baghi win this war. Mars and Earth are the only planets that still remained neutral, but the Baghi who now control the majority of the galaxy are running low on resources and could jeopardize their mission for galactic domination. With Earth and Mars being out of the war from the start they have a plethora of valuable resources built up.
The Baghi, who are in desperate need of resources, ordered newly joined planets Venus and Mercury to begin an invasion on Mars. The Martian’s military only took a week to fall to the Baghi. The Baghi drained Mars of all the resources i...

... middle of paper ... from so the player can avoid them, while also being on high alert on which bomb should the player go for next. For example, if one side of the planets shields are down player 2 must make that side a priority to stop the bombs from hitting the Earth. This dynamic is what keeps player 2 focused on the situation.
The atheistic that come from this game are strategic thinking and cooperation. The game constantly makes you think where you need to be at all times. How should I approach the next bomb? Should I head for the one where there is no shield or should I stop the three that are coming from the left? The game has the sense of cooperation since the two players must depend on each other to prevent the Earth from its destruction. Player one (Ace) needs to keep player 2 (Holder) alive so player 2 can catch and destroy all the bombs before they hit the Earth.

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